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Our experts will assist you safely and completely back up your data to appropriate drive or media; to recover your data thoroughly, our experts will attempt to recover your lost files from your drive or other devices. If we are unable to recover your data, we will refund you the full purchase price.

Is your computer being loaded with various errors, like Blue Screen of Death, system crashing or freezing from time to time? Our certified experts will use our proprietary technology to thoroughly resolve all issues and get your computer running normally again.

Is your computer running more and more slowly? Our certified experts will run a thorough analysis on your computer, perform complete optimization and improve your PC performance significantly.

24HourNinja experts will setup and configure your new local printer; answer any questions you have about printer features and functions; troubleshoot your local, network or wireless printer setup; resolve all your printer issues to get it printing properly again.

Our experts can completely save your PC and get it running again by removing viruses, malware and spyware. Help is just a mouse click away. Through your high-speed internet connection, an online agent can help you immediately and fix the issues thoroughly.

From the latest games to that new 3D imaging program you had to try out, we will help you get your new software program working the way it should. Cost of software not included. Please have your discs, product key information and any account credentials readily available.


  • Live chat/call

    Live chat/call with 24HourNinja agents and discuss your PC problems.

  • Connect

    With your permission, we connect to your PC in order to solve your specific PC problems.

  • Completed

    24HourNinja experts resolve your problems and ensure that your computer is working again.

  • "I got the Mal/Morto-A Registry virus. Anti virus programs (AVG, Sophus, others) could not fix the problem. Local IT folks tried, sorta, for a few months, and would not really address the problem. A web search brought me to 24hourninja.com. Alex did a remote connection, and seems to have fixed the problem. It took an hour or so, but was well worth the time and the $70 charge for this single fix. I will probably subscribe to their annual subscription. They did a lot more, in less time, than several local IT service companies. At this point, I am very pleased."

    Romeo Shannon Moozpaper
  • "Thank you for all your help in fixing my infected PC, which had a really nasty computer virus, and although it was no easy task in removing it, your team showed patience, understanding, determination and an overall standard of professionalism that you don't come across very often. "

    Juan Williams DC Generics
  • "We have been using 24HourNinja online service to take care of our personal & off-site computers. 24HourNinja is reliable, quick & easy to use and the Technical staff are very friendly to help us out on most of our PC problems!"

    Janet Cummings Beamsoft


More reasons for loving 24HourNinja


24hr support for your after sales service. Unlike stores who take your money then shut up shop until Monday morning. We are here 24hrs a day.


All of our work is guaranteed. If you aren’t entirely satisfied with the service we provide we will come back and rectify the problem for FREE.


We use special technology to open your computer across the internet. Just like we were sitting in the room. You simply follow a couple of easy instructions and you can watch as we find the problems and solve them.


Stores have been known to steal data, photos and documents. This way you can keep an eye on things.


We have hundreds of satisfied customers, from business to domestic clients. We have the capability to serve anyone, anytime, anywhere. Across the globe or down the street.


We work around your schedule. You can even take your laptop to work and we can fix it while you have lunch. Or have it fixed while it sits on your coffee table and watch television.

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